Our Track

In 2015, Renewal Christian Fellowship in Moreno Valley was on the brink of closing with only 70 people in attendance each week. Within a year they averaged over 530 people every Sunday at 2 services and in 2018 they had 49 people choose to be baptized.

Northpoint Church in San Bernardino went from about 90 people in a weekend service to over 400 people within a few months of launching. In their first 8 months they were able to baptize 38 people!

Palm Baptist Church in Riverside went from only about 40 in one weekend service to over 1,100 people across 4 weekend services! In this campus’ first 8 months, they saw 56 people baptized!

“I thought, we want to be that place, we want to reach those people and but we’re struggling so much. This is what we always prayed for, what we always wanted to have happen, and now it is happening.” -Gerry Newcombe, Amethyst Bible Church (now Sandals Church East Valley)

“We saw our weekly attendance decline over time from 300 to 200 to 100 to 65 and we knew things had to change. While we were searching for a new pastor, I heard of Sandals Church and the possibility of merging. We chose to lock arms with Sandals Church and together advance the kingdom.” -Randy Beasley - Lakeside Church (now Sandals Church Lake Arrowhead)

What we

The ROGO Foundation exists to develop the two key components of healthy churches: the people that lead them and places where they gather.

Training Leaders

We invest in the people who lead churches through our Residency program and Leadership School which give real-life experience in leading at a growing, thriving church.



Replanting Churches

We help transform aging facilities into places where believers and non-believers alike can be excited and feel welcome to come learn about Jesus.


Join The Movement

Reports show that 6,000-10,000 churches close in the U.S. each year – but this doesn’t have to be the case.

You can help us breathe new life into the local church and raise up leaders for the next generation – making an impact on the kingdom of God for decades to come.