Communities are Transformed When Dying Churches are Transformed. 

Sat Sep 28

A thriving gospel-focused local church represents hope, love, and purpose in a community. As a local church begins to decline in attendance, giving and a well-maintained facility, it’s light dims in its community. As its light dims, the eternal hope of Christ in that community often dims as well. Ministries and outreach halts, the facility falls into disrepair, the pastor takes on all duties of the church, even those outside his gifting, and mere survival becomes the focus. 

When a dying church is restored through a successful merger, attendance, giving, and hope in the community rises. The Gospel message is emanated into the community. The good work to care for and love their neighbors is once again a priority. Outreach and community events become a regular activity in the neighborhoods. People come to faith, get baptized, and are sent out on a mission. It is inevitable that post-merge a sense of life and purpose return to the community.