No Unity, No Merger

Sat Sep 28

Unity is like gas in the tank of the church

Unified churches go further faster. When two churches are looking to merge if there is not an overwhelming sense of unity between the two churches, the merge should not happen. 

Division is like sand in the tank of the church. 

A divided church will not realize its mission (which is reaching people for Jesus, right?) if occupied with disagreement. 

The leaders of the joining church must be unified in their belief that God ordained the merger and communicate that to the members of the church. The members will not support a merge when the leadership: pastors, board members, elders, and trustees are divided.

The leadership team can display unity in the decision to merge even when some on that team are against it. Those in disagreement must be willing to submit to the majority. The most significant action the leadership team of a joining church can take is to seek the Lord’s will individually and collectively and to follow where he leads.