In A Church Merger Both Churches Bring Something to the Table 

Mon Sep 30

In every church merger, there is a lead church and a joining church. Both churches are significant to the kingdom of God regardless of size. They both bring something to the table to make the merger a long term success. 

The lead church brings vision, strategy, resources, and a proven ministry model. All of these things work together under the strong leadership of the lead church. Any one of these things alone is not enough to make a church thrive. 

The joining church typically brings a core group of committed Christ-followers and an asset or a building location. Both of which are the foundation for a local church. 

Both churches bring key attributes to the table that combined created a thriving church that will impact their local community with the Gospel. It is better stewardship of God’s resources and far more effective for a church to merge with a struggling church that has a building that is only in need of repair and remodeling. It is a win for both churches and certainly a win for the Kingdom of God.