God Does so Much More With an Open Hand Than With a Closed Fist

When you have grown up in a church or been a member and served that church for most of your life, you tend to want to control the methods and ministries of that church. It becomes a right and reward for the years of service you have given to God’s house. Plus, it is how it has always been done. With each passing generation, there must be a change to how ministry is done to relate and connect with the upcoming generations.

This is where the open-handed approach comes in. Open-handed means that we are willing to try new things. We are eager to let go of the past if it is not serving the future. Our hands are open and ready to receive whatever God has for us.

Often the reason why a church is struggling is that the members are tight-fisted. White knuckled and gripping tightly to the old way of doing things, even when those ways are no longer effective in bringing people closer to Christ.

We are eager to let go of the past if it is not serving the future.

 The up and coming generations and the community at large can not be reached if the church is not willing to recognize the need for change. This may mean new programs or fewer programs — a change to the old way of doing ministry and possibly a change in leadership.

Churches that are open-handed are the most effective at making disciples in an ever-changing culture. The church building, the programs, ministries, and the methods all belong to God. His blessing will come when we extend an open hand and say, “God, do your will in us and through us, and when you show us a different way and a better way, we will follow you.”

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