In A Church Merger Both Churches Bring Something to the Table 

In every church merger, there is a lead church and a joining church. Both churches are significant to the kingdom of God, regardless of size. They both bring something unique and valuable to the table to make the merger a long term success. 

The lead church brings vision, strategy, resources, and a proven ministry model. All of these things work together under the strong leadership of the lead church. Any one of these alone is not enough to make a church thrive. 

Both churches are significant to the Kingdom of God, regardless of size.

The joining church typically brings a core group of committed Christ-followers who understand and reflect the heartbeat of the local community. They bring an asset or a building that, with updating and repair, can serve that community well. 

Both churches bring key attributes to the table that combined created a thriving church that will impact their local community with the Gospel. And in a way that only God can, He uses the unique gifting of each person, and the resources available so that when the two churches successfully become one, God is glorified and people meet Jesus. It is a win for both churches and certainly a victory for the Kingdom of God.


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