Sandals Church Anaheim

Together, we can make this happen...

History & Legacy

Crescent Baptist Church has faithfully stewarded an incredible property over the past several decades. This property is minutes away from several schools in the area, and is surrounded by hundreds of houses and residencies. Unfortunately, their inflow of young families and youth diminished as their ability to reach the new generation faltered, and while they were surviving, Crescent Baptist was losing out on the possibility of reaching so many new people within their community.

After months of praying together and talking through what God was inviting both the leadership of Crescent Baptist as well as Sandals Church to do, it became clear and together we moved in obedience. The leadership and remaining membership voted unanimously to be adopted by Sandals Church, and through the work of the ROGO Foundation, be relaunched in 2021 as Sandals Church Anaheim!

Reaching the Next Generation

Relaunching this church in Anaheim, CA allows us the opportunity to reach the next generation in an influential and diverse area of Southern California.

Today, we invite you to give specifically towards the launch of Sandals Church Anaheim and help us continue the work that has been started here and share the life-changing vision of being real with ourselves, God and others.

You Can Make This Happen

This is your chance to breathe new life into the local church and raise up leaders for the next generation – making an impact on the kingdom of God for decades to come.