God is doing incredible things in and through Sandals Church and our ROGO Foundation, and we want to invite you and your church to be a part of it.

Over the last decade, we have provided support to 100+ churches as they strive to serve the community and proclaim the gospel where God has called them to be.

Since 2015…

  • The ROGO Foundation has successfully adopted, revitalized and relaunched 9 churches.
  • The ROGO Foundation has developed more than 500 local church leaders through our leadership school.

On average…

  • Weekend attendance increases over 840% three months after a revitalized campus launches through the ROGO Foundation.
  • After one year approximately 50% of a campuses weekend attendees are unchurched people from their local community.
  • A campus is financially self-sufficient one year after having been revitalized and launched.
We can do more together!
  • We invite you to be a part of this work by becoming an ongoing strategic financial partner with the ROGO Foundation.
  • You will be helping to develop the next generation of ministry leaders, the adoption and revitalization of struggling churches on the road to closure and providing free support for churches working to overcome challenges that they are facing in the communities that God has called them to serve.

Join Us in Saving and Planting Churches

When we partner together, we can ensure thriving churches are around for generations to come. By choosing to invest in the work done by the ROGO Foundation you help to ensure that future pastors, worship leaders, and essential ministry leaders are developed and placed in churches that are in the process of being revitalized

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