ROGO Pastoral Development

A 24-month discovery process that discerns a participant’s calling to a pastoral role at Sandals Church.

Program Details

The ROGO Pastoral Development program was created to develop pastors who embody the vision of being real with ourselves, God, and others. 

Throughout the program, our pastoral candidates will:

  • Live authentically in every area of life
  • Receive teaching, feedback, and coaching from top leaders
  • Practice hands-on ministry opportunities (ie. baptism, preaching, discipling, etc.)
  • Create and follow a spiritual disciplines plan
  • Complete recommended reading list and written reflection 
  • Participate in cohort meetings twice a month 
  • Attend annual retreat


  1. Can anyone apply or is this program only by invitation?
    • Our ROGO Pastoral Development program is only open to people who have been invited by our Pastoral Leadership Team.
  1. How long does this program last?
    • The program lasts 24 months. At the end of this time, we’ll evaluate whether or not the candidate is ready for pastoral ministry.

Make a Lasting Impact

A gift of any amount given to the ROGO Foundation can directly help us fund our ROGO Pastoral Development program.
Each year costs an average of $125,000 to train and develop our future pastors.