The Residency is a paid opportunity for campus pastors and worship leads to utilize and grow their skills in a church dedicated to being real with themselves, God and others. Ultimately, our hope is that these church leaders will fill permanent positions as we continue to fuel the growth of Sandals Church.

Residents will fill actual roles within Sandals Church during their term and will have an opportunity to:

  • Learn the culture and DNA of Sandals Church.
  • Further develop their skills, character and relatability.
  • Fill permanent positions after completing the residency.


We’re looking for high capacity church leaders who feel called to join the Sandals Church team long-term. The ideal candidates will be proactive and future-minded with a passion for living out the vision of being real and sharing it with those around them.

We’ll be looking for people who already exemplify our ethos and are ready to live out our values.

Additionally, every candidate must:

  • Be a baptized believer in Jesus Christ
  • Acknowledge the Sandals Church Statement of Faith
  • Be prepared to call Sandals Church home long-term
  • Demonstrate their call to ministry


What is the expected time commitment?

  • The Residency is a full time, 40 hour job with benefits. Work days will vary but are typically Sunday to Thursday.
  • The Residency is a twelve month program.

How will the time be spent?

  • 70% will be dedicated to your role, training and learning about our culture
  • 20% will be dedicated to coaching and personal development
  • 10% will be spent in leadership development classes

Do you provide housing?

  • Sandals Church will not provide housing for residents. However, we will provide non-monetary assistance in finding housing.

What happens once the Residency is completed?

  • If completed, the residency will be considered the first year of your permanent employment.


Campus Pastor. Click here to apply.

Worship Lead. Click here to apply.