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What is ROGO School?

ROGO School is an eight-month leadership development program that draws out the leadership qualities that are already in you, sharpens your skills and develops your character so that you will be the kind of leader that people want to follow. Our ROGO School individualized tracks are designed to build on your unique experience, ignite your purpose and give you inspiration to do your life’s work.

ROGO School is focused on building three areas:

  • Skills
  • Character
  • Relatability

Since its launch in 2015, ROGO school has (1) equipped over 150 people to lead in the ministry they serve in and (2) adapted every year to serve the needs of the church. The 2021 year is unlike any ROGO School Cohort that has happened before.

You will complete one course (on theology, leadership or spiritual formation) per week. Each course will have journal questions for you to complete.

Weekly courses can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to complete.

This is an hour virtual meeting to answer any questions you may have for the instructor on their content.

Twice a month for one hour (tuesdays from 5pm to 6pm)

A ministry track is a structured plan of “coaching” within a ministry such as (i.e. kids, soul care, connections, community groups). Whatever ministry you are currently serving in will be the “ministry track” that you are in. For example, if you serve in youth, you will be in the youth ministry track. Look at our FAQ section below for a list of tracks or more information.

A ministry track meeting will occur once a month, on the second Saturday or Sunday (depends on the track) of the month, for one hour.

Whatever volunteer role you currently have will be your “hands-on” role in ROGO School. If you want to be in a ministry track that you currently don’t serve in, you will need to begin serving in that ministry.

However frequent your volunteer role requires.

This training will help you share your testimony and the Gospel.

2 days, 3 to 4 hours each day.

These are meetings each campus will have with all their ROGO School participants. These meetings, led by campus staff, will be an opportunity to discuss campus goals, heart for community, needs, gaps, and application of courses.

A Campus Group meeting will occur once a month, on the last saturday or sunday (depends on the campus) of the month, for an hour.

Commissioning is a send off all participants that completed ROGO School.

This is a one time event that occurs at the end of ROGO School.

Mentor Group meetings help you digest the course content and be uniquely formed into their christ-given identity.

Mentor Group meetings occur once a month, directly after campus group meetings, for an hour.

This is a two-day conference where you begin uncovering your story and the truth about yourself.

Two days (all-day).


ROGO School will begin in January and end in June.

Whatever ministry you are currently serving in will be the “ministry track” that you are placed in. For example, if you serve in youth, you will be in the youth ministry track.

Linked HERE is a list of tracks

What if I serve on multiple teams?
You may do more than one track or you may choose one of the tracks to be placed in.

What if I do not want to be in the ministry track of the ministry I serve in?

You may go through the Sandals Church volunteer process to join a different ministry HERE. Please also email Nicole Brown, nicolebrown@sandalschurch.com.

What if I serve in a ministry that is not active due to COVID 19 or not a ministry track option?

You may choose another ministry or opt-out of a ministry track.

Applications are scheduled to open on October 15, 2021. They will close on December 3.

Applications can take up to a month to process. Once a candidate applies, they will hear about next steps from their campus. If it’s been a couple weeks and the candidate hasn’t heard from their campus, please reach out to nicolebrown@sandalschurch.com.

All candidates will be asked to complete the following things in order to be officially accepted into ROGO School:

*Candidates will be applying to their campus, not a track!*

The ideal candidate will enter the program with a readiness to be real with self, a teachable spirit and a willingness to be deeply challenged. To be accepted in the program, a candidate must at least:

ROGO School will cost $150. Additionally, part of the requirements for being accepted is to Complete the Enneagram test ($10).

**You will need your own computer and mobile phone.**

Time varies depending on your volunteer role, the week, and the month.
Below is the time commitment for each ROGO School Component:

Online Courses – 1 to 2 hours per week
Virtual Q & A’s – 2 hours per month
Ministry Track – 1 to 2 hours per month
Campus Groups – 1 hour per month.
Mentor Groups – 1 hour per month
Volunteer Role – Varies

Two ROGO School Events –

  • ROGO School Intensive Conference:
    • Day 1_ All-day
    • Day 2_All-day
  • ROGO Evangelism Training
    • Day1_3 to 4 hours

We ask that you affirm the following expectations which are derived from our seven core values:

GOD – You will be devoted to God, his word, and his mission to reach others.

AUTHENTICITY – You will pursue authenticity in all areas of your life and encourage others to do the same.

EXCELLENCE – You will give my best with the resources you have.

HONOR – You will honor God and others by promoting unity, serving faithfully and with humility.

DIVERSITY – You will strive to unify a broad range of voices, personalities, and cultures.

SIMPLICITY – You will make things simple for others.

RELATIONSHIPS – You will bring people together in intentional relationships with God and others.

We also ask that you commit to managing the totality of your life (i.e. personal and professional commitments) in a way that allows you to uphold the above values and fulfill the expectations stated below:

  • Complete weekly courses and journal questions.
  • Participate in Q & A’s on Tuesdays @ 5pm.
  • Monthly Ministry Track meetings.
  • Monthly Campus Group meetings.
  • Monthly Mentor Group meetings.
  • Attend ROGO School Intensive Conference.
  • Attend ROGO Evangelism Training.
  • Attend service on the weekends.
  • Fulfill volunteer role.

Anyone ages 16 (Junior in highschool) and up can apply.

You may also email Nicole Brown at nicolebrown@sandalschurch.com.


“Through the ROGO School program, I became more confident in the person that God created me to be. In all areas, my giftings, my personality, my emotions; they were all intentionally created by God to reflect his personality to the world. Once I was able to recognize and work in these areas, it was so freeing and empowering.”

Megan Jones | Class of 2017

“ROGO school has changed my life in many ways! I’ve learned such valuable wisdom from my church’s leaders and my mentor. I’ve made awesome friends through ROGO school and seen them shine in the different ways they love and serve the church. Through ROGO school, I was hired on as a worship leader for our church- which is my dream job! Everything I’ve learned has helped, and continues to help me to be a better employee, leader, christian, person. I love it!”

Delon Anderson | Class of 2018

“I can honestly say that enrolling in ROGO School and being accepted last year was an experience I will never forget. The teaching was by far some of the best teachings I have ever been a part of, along with building up the relationships with everyone associated with ROGO School as well as the other students and most importantly with God.”

Ray Alva | Class of 2019

Make a Lasting Impact

A gift of any amount given to the ROGO Foundation can directly help us fund ROGO School. Each year of ROGO School costs an average of $75,000 to train and equip approximately students for real-time work in ministry.