A hands-on leadership development program handcrafted to equip and empower authentic, well-rounded leaders.

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Real Experience

Since its launch in 2015, ROGO School has given over 100 people real, hands-on experience in organizational leadership, spiritual formation and practical theology.

ROGO School Focus

  • Skills (being competent and agile)
  • Character (being mature and Christlike)
  • Relatability (being authentic and relationally adept)

ROGO School Format


The ideal candidate will enter the program with a readiness to be real with self, a teachable spirit and a willingness to be deeply challenged.

“Through the ROGO School program, I became more confident in the person that God created me to be. In all areas, my giftings, my personality, my emotions; they were all intentionally created by God to reflect his personality to the world. Once I was able to recognize and work in these areas, it was so freeing and empowering.”

Megan Jones | Class of 2017

“The experience was everything I thought it could be and more. I craved a closer relationship with God, really invested in the spiritual disciplines being taught, and ultimately was hired on at Sandals as part of the Launch Team. I am very grateful for my position on staff but it comes as a secondary bonus to my experience in ROGO and a desire for a closer relationship with God.”

Matt Wiegand | Class of 2017

“ROGO school has changed my life in many ways! I’ve learned such valuable wisdom from my church’s leaders and my mentor. I’ve made awesome friends through ROGO school and seen them shine in the different ways they love and serve the church. Through ROGO school, I was hired on as a worship leader for our church- which is my dream job! Everything I’ve learned has helped, and continues to help me to be a better employee, leader, christian, person. I love it!”

Delon Anderson | Class of 2018

Make a Lasting Impact

A gift of any amount given to the ROGO Foundation can directly help us fund ROGO School. Each year of ROGO School costs an average of $75,000 to train and equip approximately 55 students for real-time work in ministry.