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Churches in America are closing at an alarming rate.
It’s time for a new strategy.

Who We Are

In 1997 Pastor Matt Brown and his wife Tammy started Sandals Church in their living room. Today, Sandals Church has 10 campuses with a broadcast campus in Riverside, CA. Since 2012, we have planted 3 campuses and since 2015 we have revitalized and replanted 7 churches in the Southern California region. Seeing God’s blessing on the revitalization / replanting strategy and in our leadership development programs, in 2018 the ROGO Foundation was formed and its team is focused on repositioning kingdom resources and developing effective leaders to create thriving places where people can be real with themselves, God and others.

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What We Do

The ROGO Foundation exists to develop the two key components of healthy churches: the people that lead them and the places where they gather.

ROGO School

While ROGO School equipped me in my professional skillsets, its deepest impact was on my relational development. I felt informed on Sandals Church’s culture of being real, as well as its core values. The culture and values of Sandals Church resonated with me and challenged my personal faith journey. With this growth, I’ve been able to be a more dynamic and authentic worship leader.

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Morgan Teruel, Sandals Church Worship Leader

ROGO Residency

The Sandals Church Leadership team has invested in my pastoral development from a few different approaches. First, even in our fast paced environment our pastors meet consistently every other week for intentional care and follow up. Second, they create paid time away from our normal rhythms to attend conferences that equip us as pastors and refresh us in our work. Third, they regularly encourage the pastoral team to search out high education possibilities and are willing to offset expenses for graduate work completion.

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Alfredo Ramos, Sandals Church Campus Pastor


Palm Baptist Church in Riverside went from only about 40 in one weekend service to over 1,100 people across 4 weekend services! In this campus’ first 8 months, they saw 56 people baptized!

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